Blog | Three Artists You Must See: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, 311 & Wu-Tang Clan

Henceforth this series shall be known as Three Artists You Must See. Each of these three bands are amazing in their own right, and I hope to share with you why I think their concerts should not be missed. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds Why: Nick Cave is the real deal. He makes beautifully […]

GlobalGathering 2009

Blog | The Music World Is A Changing

Have you ever heard of the 13 year music cycle? It is a phenomenon I only heard about, in the last 4-5 years or so. The jist of it is that pop music and rock music exist in a cyclical environment that turns over every 12-13 years. The first half of the cycle sees the […]

Music | The East Coast Flavored Jay Nash

Music | The East Coast Flavored Jay Nash

I feel like lately I have been getting back to very simple music. Don’t get me wrong I love the complexities and variations all music brings, but I really feel like I am starting to appreciate the delicateness of folk and the beautiful simplicity of a man, or woman, and a guitar. While on this […]