Stone Temple Pilots @ Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre – September 17th 2012

“Scott Weiland is a fucking selfish asshole” proclaimed one very drunk and very angry concert-goer at last nights Stone Temple Pilots show in Abbotsford at the Abbotsford Entertainment & Sports Centre.

I think many attendees from last night concert would agree with this statement, it was a fucking train wreck. After the band delayed their start time by nearly 2 full hours, they came out and played a mediocre set. Weiland was never really present, he always seemed far away. He sang a mumbled mix of inaudible moans. Although a good portion of the notes he sprayed over the crowd were in tune and in time with the rest of the group, the real words were lost in his mind. It was like a really horrible cross-over between junky-rock and that Sigur Rós made-up-word approach to singing.

We all know Scott’s battle with drug addiction. When he is clean and sober he is an amazing front man with mounds of charisma, but when he is using he is a sloppy, selfish mess. The Weiland of last night seemed like the sloppy, junky version. We learned this morning that STP cancelled their show in Lethbridge, Alberta tonight with a statement released via the bands Facebook page stating they had cancelled because Scott “has been put on 48 hours complete vocal rest due to strained vocal cords”. Anyone at the show last night will tell you, it seemed like more than strained vocal cords that were the problem. The aging rockers was a mess on stage, and seemed to be unable to keep up with the rest of his mates.

Looking at the whole thing it wasn’t terrible. I mean the rest of the band sounded great. Dean, Robert and Eric, were killing it on stage. Dean ripped through some meaty solos and lit the night up. Robert was a maniac, stalking his edge of the stage like a tiger. Eric was energetic and aggressive behind his kit. But, alas, the band is based on a single front man, one the blows you away and delivers that rockstar sex appeal by the boat load. And Last night, while the songs sounded half decent, the vocals were not clear, the lead signer was not present and the crowd was not happy. It all added up to a sad site.

For those of you that have seen the sober Weiland kill it live, then you know what he is capable of. He owns that stage, he works the entire crowd and he leaves you begging for more. Last night it seemed like he was there to get paid and to get the fuck out.

Only the band will ever know the true reason, was it vocal strain, was it drug use, was it too many hours at the paintball field (something brought up in this Blabbermouth article – link), regardless it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day the night was a write off. When the band had finally taken the stage, half the audience were already on their way home; angry at the band that let the down. Now, I get that it is hard to play shows day in and day out; all the traveling, being on the road. But if you can’t handle it, then don’t do it. People paid to see a band play a bunch of songs, and play them well. If you were too sick too play then you should have cancelled the show. People would have been angry, but at least they would get their money back. But instead you took the money, and pissed off a bunch of concert-goers, and left everyone feeling taken advantage of.

People always talk about the artistic side to Scott, how he gets on stage and his whole persona is raveled up in this live performance piece. To that I would say BULLSHIT. Scott has the ability to
be one of the greatest front men of all time. When I saw him back when he fronted Velvet Revolver, those were some of the greatest concert memories I have. He set the bar so high one night at the Showbox in Seattle, that I don’t think any other performance, by any other artist will come close to surpassing it in my mind. And maybe that show allows me to place Weiland on a pedestal, but I think it allows me to see what he can really do. And to see him call in a show like he did last night, after strolling on to the stage 2 hours late, is unacceptable.

To those in attendance, I am sorry. Do not use that single event to help base your opinion of the man or of the entire band. All four members are masters of what they do, and when they pull together in that perfect harmony, they are glorious.

To the band, I love you guys, but that was a hard pill to swallow.

To the die-hard fans that are going to read this and rip me a new one, be gentle.

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  1. zeekmeister says

    best review yet …. bang on ….. I was one of the many that left before STP hit the stage ….. we were pissed off at the venue as much as the band …. the venue is claiming that there is no issue with a 2 hour delay ….. my issue is the venue creating a dangerous environment by filling the crowd full of booze through a 2 hour delay when they knew that they may have to cancel the show…. if the show had been cancelled you can bet your bottom dollar there would have been a riot …. thats why I left with my wife and 13 year old daughter …. they had no control over anything but the booze stands…. they sure played their cards right !!!…. STP play a piss poor show …. the fans get screwed out of any kind of chance of a refund and the venue cashes in !!! the Abbotsford Entertainment Centre has lost a customer and I cant say that STP has lost a fan as seeing a good show when Scott Weiland is there in mind as well as body is rare enough as it is so his there but not there appearance was expected …. its just a shame the venue doesnt see it the same way I do …. I left for the safty of my family and the venue had no clue of the issue they created and the possible out come of their actions …. they got lucky …. this time …

  2. says

    I also had to leave after waiting two hours without any communication from the venue and without seeing the show we paid for. The Abbotsford Entertainment Centre chose to cash in at the expense of its fans rather than managing a proper event. And im told that since the show eventually did go on they are not offering refunds. The venue would rather cling to a few dollars rather than provide proper customer service and that is why you and I and many others will not be returning. There are many other better venues out there – ones that are actually interested in keeping us as customers.

  3. Yvette says

    It wasn’t the venue’s fault they can’t exactly refund tickets they just host the band. Plus, to all you saying you won’t be back, or course you will!

  4. missbisscheese says

    Best and most accurate review Ive read … I was lucky enough to stay and get on the floor .. im assuming secutiry was liek let them come down since theres no one left or we dont want a riot lol… but i lucky had a babysitter willing to stay late…. unlike many other people that attended who couldnt stay … I dont regret the concert but im also happy my friend won us tickets cus i think id be more peeved to spend my hard earned money …

  5. TommyGun says

    grow up and suck it up !! , not the venue’s fault , but that of STP what was the Venue supposed to do send a security guy on stage to do karaoke for you ? shit happens with douche bags like Scott Wieland and Axel Rose for example . I know this because of their track record and although seeing either band play when not messed out of the lead singers mind and on time , I avoid all their shows knowing this is a distinct possibility . The Abbotsford entertainment centere had to pay these assholes for their piss poor show Since they did play so suck it up and fault yourself for buying the tickets for a show where you should have known something like this could happen !


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