Kevin Hart at Orpheum Theatre

Review | Comedy Fest: Closing Night Gala at The Centre

The Centre in Vancouver played host to many comedians over the past 10 days, as part of Comedy Fest Vancouver. It has been a vast array of artists from across the board, from Betty White to Margaret Cho. Last night was the Closing Night Gala with David Cross and Bob Odenrirk, supported by a slew […]

Photos | Margaret Cho at The Centre in Vancouver

Review | Brad Williams at Lafflines

I hadn’t even heard of Brad Williams until a week or so before the comedy fest. The internet told me about him, the internet is good like that. I’m always trawling through the intertubes for new standup comedians to both laugh at and idolize in equal measure. And to be completely honest with you, I […]

Review | Margaret Cho with Selena Luna at The Centre in Vancouver

Last night I was walking towards The Centre, in Vancouver, with an eager grin on my face. Margaret Cho was set to headline the night and she is one comedian who has intrigued me for years. As I got into the venue, I was struck by how diverse the crowd was. It was an eclectic […]

Norm MacDonald at River Rock Show Theater