Concert Calendar

Aug 24 - 25 ThingHistoric Fort Worden
Aug 25 Josh GrobanChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 25 StyxPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 27 GenerationalsThe Fox Cabaret
Aug 27 Drab MajestyAstoria
Aug 27 UB40PNE Amphitheatre
Aug 27 Orville PeckCommodore Ballroom
Aug 28 The NationalDeer Lake Park
Aug 28 Colin JamesPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 28 Carly Rae JepsenCommodore Ballroom
Aug 29 I Love The 90’s TourPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 29 Carly Rae JepsenCommodore Ballroom
Aug 30 Steve Miller BandChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 30 The MidnightCommodore Ballroom
Aug 30 Hammer’s House PartyPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 30 Holy GroveSmilin’ Buddha Cabaret
Aug 30 QuanticRickshaw Theatre
Aug 30 - 1 Bumbershoot FestivalSeattle
Aug 30 - 1 Summerset Music & Arts FestivalFort Langley National Historic Site
Aug 31 Keith UrbanWashington State Fair
Aug 31 Steve Miller BandChateau Ste. Michelle
Aug 31 Billy IdolPNE Amphitheatre
Aug 31 Mark FarinaImperial
Aug 31 NimkishThe Wise Hall
Sep 1 The Beach BoysPNE Amphitheatre
Sep 2 The Beach BoysWashington State Fair
Sep 2 SleepCommodore Ballroom
Sep 2 TLCPNE Amphitheatre
Sep 2 Sun Kil MoonImperial
Sep 3 Iron MaidenRogers Arena
Sep 4 GrandsonVenue Nightclub
Sep 4 Skating PollyLanaLous
Sep 4 JuanesOrpheum Theatre
Sep 5 Bryan FerryQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Sep 5 Aaron WatsonWashington State Fair
Sep 5 Death Cab For CutieMalkin Bowl
Sep 5 The Cadillac ThreeVenue Nightclub
Sep 5 - 7 Hopscotch Music FestivalRaleigh, NC
Sep 6 The Mountain GoatsCommodore Ballroom
Sep 6 Eli YoungWashington State Fair
Sep 6 Said The WhaleMalkin Bowl
Sep 6 Pink MartiniChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 6 7:30 pm Marc MaronThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 7 The Cadillac ThreeWashington State Fair
Sep 7 Chris IsaakChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 7 Morgan HeritageCommodore Ballroom
Sep 7 ScarlxrdVenue Nightclub
Sep 7 Bon IverPacific Coliseum
Sep 7 SlowthaiFortune Sound Club
Sep 8 Willow SmithThe Rio Theatre
Sep 9 K. FlayCommodore Ballroom
Sep 10 Gary Clark JrMalkin Bowl
Sep 10 Psychedelic Porn CrumpetsThe Fox Cabaret
Sep 11 Gary Clark JrChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 11 The DistillersCommodore Ballroom
Sep 11 YungbludThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 12 Diana KrallChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 12 An Evening with Bret “The Hitman” HartThe Rio Theatre
Sep 12 The Wonder YearsThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 12 Elder IslandBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 12 Leikeli47The Vogue Theatre
Sep 12 JosephImperial
Sep 12 No Fun At AllVenue Nightclub
Sep 12 Deep Dark WoodsThe Fox Cabaret
Sep 12 Yukon BlondeImperial
Sep 12 - 15 Rifflandia FestivalVictoria
Sep 12 - 15 Westward Music FestivalVancouver
Sep 13 The Australian Pink Floyd ShowChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 13 EnforcerRickshaw Theatre
Sep 13 Ziggy AlbertsThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 13 JunglepussyImperial
Sep 13 HonorsThe Fox Cabaret
Sep 13 Le1fBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 13 Travis ThompsonBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 13 JojiQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Sep 13 Phum ViphuritImperial
Sep 13 Busty and the BassThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 13 Oliver TreeCommodore Ballroom
Sep 14 Mark KnopflerChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 14 Owen PallettImperial
Sep 14 LissieRickshaw Theatre
Sep 14 Zach VillereBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 14 WhyImperial
Sep 14 Emotional OrangesThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 14 The Price Is Right LiveHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Sep 14 Black MountainThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 14 Jon BryantBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 14 UFCRogers Arena
Sep 15 Mark KnopflerChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 15 RhyeThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 15 The Paper KitesThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 15 Mt. JoyThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 15 Titus AndronicusImperial
Sep 15 An Evening with Bret “The Hitman” HartThe Rio Theatre
Sep 15 MorMorImperial
Sep 16 Mark KnopflerOrpheum Theatre
Sep 16 Post MaloneRogers Arena
Sep 17 Hot ChipThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 17 Charlie CunninghamThe Fox Cabaret
Sep 17 Jay SomImperial
Sep 17 Blanco WhiteBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 18 ForeignerWashington State Fair
Sep 19 Old DominionWashington State Fair
Sep 19 GhostWaMu Theater
Sep 19 Joe MandeBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 19 Joshua RadinThe Rio Theatre
Sep 19 Tobi LouThe Fox Cabaret
Sep 20 Earth, Wind & FireChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 20 GhostPacific Coliseum
Sep 20 Fontaines D.C.The Fox Cabaret
Sep 20 Pokey LaFargeWise Hall
Sep 20 mxmtoonThe Rio Theatre
Sep 20 Eric AndreThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 20 8:00 pm Greg FitzsimmonsYuk Yuk’s
Sep 20 10:30 pm Greg FitzsimmonsYuk Yuk’s
Sep 20 - 22 Life Is BeautifulDowntown Las Vegas
Sep 21 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 21 MillencolinImperial
Sep 21 Earth, Wind & FireChateau Ste. Michelle
Sep 21 GhostSouth Okanagan Events Centre
Sep 21 Mother MotherMalkin Bowl
Sep 21 The Jay & Dan PodcastThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 21 Lucky DayeVenue Nightclub
Sep 21 7:00 pm Greg FitzsimmonsYuk Yuk’s
Sep 21 9:30 pm Greg FitzsimmonsYuk Yuk’s
Sep 22 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 22 Brad PaisleyWashington State Fair
Sep 22 Mother MotherMalkin Bowl
Sep 22 Claudia OshryThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 23 Nitzer EbbVenue Nightclub
Sep 23 RevocationRickshaw Theatre
Sep 23 Man With A MissionImperial
Sep 23 Rick RossHarbour Convention Centre
Sep 23 Despised IconBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 23 Sickboy PodcastThe Rio Theatre
Sep 24 Elton JohnRogers Arena
Sep 24 BanksOrpheum Theatre
Sep 25 Vampire WeekendDeer Lake Park
Sep 25 Matthew And The AtlasBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 26 ShuraVenue Nightclub
Sep 26 Polo & PanThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 26 Criminal: A PodcastHollywood Theatre
Sep 26 Soccer MommyWild Buffalo House Of Music
Sep 26 PeripheryRickshaw Theatre
Sep 26 Cigarettes After SexCommodore Ballroom
Sep 27 Rob SchneiderHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Sep 27 Nilufer YanyaFortune Sound Club
Sep 27 MahaliaBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 27 Anthony WongThe Vogue Theatre
Sep 27 Lil KeedVenue Nightclub
Sep 28 Amon AmarthPNE Forum
Sep 28 Of Monsters And MenDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Sep 28 Christian FrenchBiltmore Cabaret
Sep 28 Benjamin Francis LeftwichImperial
Sep 28 CrumbFortune Sound Club
Sep 28 Dominic Fike Sold OutVenue Nightclub
Sep 28 Face To FaceRickshaw Theatre
Sep 30 EluveitieRickshaw Theatre
Sep 30 Band of SkullsVenue Nightclub
Sep 30 Lana Del ReyRogers Arena
Oct 1 KamelotVenue Nightclub
Oct 1 Snarky PuppyCommodore Ballroom
Oct 1 Barns CourtneyImperial
Oct 1 Sabrina ClaudioThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 2 Marc RebilletVenue Nightclub
Oct 2 Don BrocoBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 2 Rising AppalachiaHollywood Theatre
Oct 2 Boy & BearCommodore Ballroom
Oct 2 CorneliusImperial
Oct 2 Damien JuradoThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 3 DodieThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 3 Crooked ColoursCommodore Ballroom
Oct 3 NFPNE Forum
Oct 3 GoblinThe Rio Theatre
Oct 3 Jerry PaperBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 4 Night ClubAstoria
Oct 4 Sofi TukkerCommodore Ballroom
Oct 4 Leo DanThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 4 Ice CubeHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Oct 5 DelainVenue Nightclub
Oct 5 Sugar SammyBell Performing Arts Centre
Oct 5 Rock The RinkAbbotsford Centre
Oct 5 World Of DanceQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Oct 5 LogicDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Oct 5 Kishi BashiImperial
Oct 5 Charli XCXCommodore Ballroom
Oct 5 AsheThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 5 Tegan and SaraThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 5 4:00 pm World of Dance Live!The Centre
Oct 6 Sugar SammyCentennial Theatre
Oct 6 The WaterboysCommodore Ballroom
Oct 6 North Mississippi AllstarsImperial
Oct 6 JidennaThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 7 Oh SeesRickshaw Theatre
Oct 7 RideVenue Nightclub
Oct 7 DragonforceThe Red Room
Oct 8 TinariwenCommodore Ballroom
Oct 8 BastilleDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Oct 8 Knocked LooseRickshaw Theatre
Oct 8 Cosmo SheldrakeThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 8 Frank Carter & The RattlesnakesVenue Nightclub
Oct 8 BleachedBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 9 MarinaQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Oct 9 PupThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 9 St. Paul And The Broken BonesCommodore Ballroom
Oct 9 Black Joe LewisRickshaw Theatre
Oct 9 Nikki LaneThe Wise Hall
Oct 10 Cheech & ChongAbbotsford Centre
Oct 10 Maribou StateCommodore Ballroom
Oct 10 Nick CaveMassey Theatre
Oct 10 Yoke LoreImperial
Oct 10 Hobo Johnson & The LoveMakersThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 11 Steve HackettThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 11 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 11 J.S. OndaraHollywood Theatre
Oct 11 Jonas BrothersRogers Arena
Oct 11 LuceroRickshaw Theatre
Oct 11 White ReaperBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 11 Mike DoughtyThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 12 54-40Commodore Ballroom
Oct 12 Postmodern JukeboxThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 12 Hiss Golden MessengerImperial
Oct 12 BannersVenue Nightclub
Oct 12 Songhoy BluesRickshaw Theatre
Oct 13 Maggie RogersOrpheum Theatre
Oct 13 John FogertyRogers Arena
Oct 13 Good MorningThe Wise Hall
Oct 13 RaviThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 14 StereolabCommodore Ballroom
Oct 14 MorrisseyOrpheum Theatre
Oct 14 Landon CubeThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 14 RuelBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 15 MorrisseyOrpheum Theatre
Oct 15 ShinedownSouth Okanagan Events Centre
Oct 15 CavetownVenue Nightclub
Oct 15 Tyler, The CreatorPacific Coliseum
Oct 15 Black LipsThe Wise Hall
Oct 15 The Human ExperienceImperial
Oct 16 SabatonThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 16 ShinedownAbbotsford Centre
Oct 16 Black PumasThe Wise Hall
Oct 16 The InterruptersCommodore Ballroom
Oct 16 Peter YornBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 16 Jojo MasonImperial
Oct 17 Andrew BirdThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 17 Jade BirdImperial
Oct 17 Son VoltWild Buffalo House Of Music
Oct 17 The Legendary Downchild Blues BandRiver Rock Show Theatre
Oct 17 LA Clippers vs. Dallas MavericksRogers Arena
Oct 17 Cory WongThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 18 GrizCommodore Ballroom
Oct 18 Rich BrianThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 18 Mating RitualBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 19 HozierDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Oct 19 Luke CombsRogers Arena
Oct 19 The Dead SouthCommodore Ballroom
Oct 19 The InterruptersCapital Ballroom
Oct 19 JpegmafiaFortune Sound Club
Oct 20 Cancer BatsRickshaw Theatre
Oct 20 The Dead SouthCommodore Ballroom
Oct 20 Schitt’s Creek: Up Close & Personal LiveQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Oct 21 The WhoRogers Arena
Oct 21 Lucy DacusThe Rio Theatre
Oct 21 Thom YorkeOrpheum Theatre
Oct 21 Sunset RollercoasterBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 22 Tyler ChildersCommodore Ballroom
Oct 23 Jeremy DutcherCommodore Ballroom
Oct 23 Matt MaysThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 23 The WailersImperial
Oct 23 Jonathan BreeThe Fox Cabaret
Oct 24 Judah and the LionOrpheum Theatre
Oct 24 Last DinosaursImperial
Oct 24 Dinosaur Jr.Commodore Ballroom
Oct 24 Daniel CainerNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 24 Alien WeaponryBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 24 - 24 Chutzpah FestivalVancouver
Oct 25 Big ThiefThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 25 Kero Kero BonitoRickshaw Theatre
Oct 25 Passion PortalImperial
Oct 25 Shovels & RopeCommodore Ballroom
Oct 25 Guerilla TossFortune Sound Club
Oct 25 Jordan RakeiBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 26 Dallas SmithAbbotsford Centre
Oct 26 Noah KahanCommodore Ballroom
Oct 26 Mumiy TrollThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 26 The Legendary Pink DotsBiltmore Cabaret
Oct 26 ProArteDanzaNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 26 P-LoFortune Sound Club
Oct 27 Built To SpillHollywood Theatre
Oct 27 Tiffany YoungThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 27 SloanCommodore Ballroom
Oct 27 Rami KleinsteinNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 28 Cat PowerCommodore Ballroom
Oct 28 WhitneyVenue Nightclub
Oct 28 ProArteDanzaNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 28 Natasha BedingfieldThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 29 Ryan McMullanThe Wise Hall
Oct 29 Guy Mintus TrioNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 30 The WigglesAbbotsford Centre
Oct 30 MadeonCommodore Ballroom
Oct 30 Jonathan RichmanHollywood Theatre
Oct 30 Gary LucasNorman Rothstein Theatre
Oct 31 JinjerRickshaw Theatre
Oct 31 Miami HorrorFortune Sound Club
Oct 31 Big WreckCommodore Ballroom
Oct 31 Sandra BernhardThe Vogue Theatre
Oct 31 Rich AucoinBiltmore Cabaret
Nov 1 Strung OutRickshaw Theatre
Nov 1 Rascal FlattsAbbotsford Centre
Nov 1 San FerminHollywood Theatre
Nov 1 The East PointersThe Fox Cabaret
Nov 1 The Band PerryThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 1 Big WreckCommodore Ballroom
Nov 1 Geoff BernerThe Wise Hall
Nov 1 MM Contemporary DanceNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 2 For King & CountryAbbotsford Centre
Nov 2 Frankie CosmosVenue Nightclub
Nov 2 (Sandy) Alex GImperial
Nov 2 Lemon Bucket OrkestraRickshaw Theatre
Nov 2 MM Contemporary DanceNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 3 MM Contemporary DanceNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 4 Peter HookVenue Nightclub
Nov 4 Bishop BriggsCommodore Ballroom
Nov 4 MM Contemporary DanceNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 4 SWMRSRickshaw Theatre
Nov 5 SeawayRickshaw Theatre
Nov 6 Morgan EvansVenue Nightclub
Nov 6 8:00 pm The Diary Of Anne Frank LatinXNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 7 The Babe RainbowThe Fox Cabaret
Nov 7 Tom MorelloCommodore Ballroom
Nov 7 ProArteDanzaNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 7 Chelsea HandlerChan Centre for Performing Arts
Nov 7 8:00 pm The Diary Of Anne Frank LatinXNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 8 City and ColourSave-on-Foods Memorial Centre
Nov 8 Jason MrazQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Nov 8 Dune RatsRickshaw Theatre
Nov 8 Current SwellCommodore Ballroom
Nov 8 1:00 pm The Diary Of Anne Frank LatinXNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 8 8:00 pm The Diary Of Anne Frank LatinXNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 9 Bruce CockburnChan Centre for Performing Arts
Nov 9 City and ColourPacific Coliseum
Nov 9 Piff The Magic DragonThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 9 Big SugarCommodore Ballroom
Nov 9 Twin PeaksVenue Nightclub
Nov 9 Yemen Blues: HallelRickshaw Theatre
Nov 9 2:00 pm The Diary Of Anne Frank LatinXNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 10 RaffiQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Nov 10 City and ColourProspera Place
Nov 11 Derek SmallsThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 12 ChonCommodore Ballroom
Nov 12 Iris BahrNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 13 Iris BahrNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 14 Rick MercerKelowna Community Centre
Nov 14 AvevARickshaw Theatre
Nov 15 Rick MercerOrpheum Theatre
Nov 15 Noah GundersenHollywood Theatre
Nov 15 UNA ProjectsNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 16 Julia MichaelsThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 16 Rick MercerUniversity Centre Farquhar Auditorium
Nov 16 Rat Boy CancelledThe Fox Cabaret
Nov 16 UNA ProjectsNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 16 TroyboiCommodore Ballroom
Nov 17 Rick MercerBell Performing Arts Centre
Nov 17 UNA ProjectsNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 17 Elephant StoneThe Wise Hall
Nov 18 The DebatersThe Port Theatre
Nov 19 The Cinematic OrchestraThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 19 The DebatersRoyal Theatre
Nov 19 Julia JacklinVenue Nightclub
Nov 19 Anthony RamosImperial
Nov 20 UbiRickshaw Theatre
Nov 20 Cat ClydeBiltmore Cabaret
Nov 21 Kim ChurchillImperial
Nov 21 Sleater-KinneyCommodore Ballroom
Nov 21 Chelsea WolfeThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 22 Air SupplyHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Nov 22 Nahko and Medicine for the PeopleCommodore Ballroom
Nov 22 The DebatersAbbotsford Centre
Nov 23 DaveFortune Sound Club
Nov 23 The Rescue: A Live Film-ConcertoNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 23 Claude VonStrokeCelebrities Nightclub
Nov 24 The Black KeysRogers Arena
Nov 24 Chutzpah Dance + Theatre Inclusions ProjectNorman Rothstein Theatre
Nov 24 Sammy JohnsonBiltmore Cabaret
Nov 24 1:30 pm A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on StageThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 24 5:00 pm A Charlie Brown Christmas Live on StageThe Vogue Theatre
Nov 25 Cautious ClayCommodore Ballroom
Nov 26 Thievery CorporationCommodore Ballroom
Nov 27 Thievery CorporationCommodore Ballroom
Nov 27 Moon DuoHollywood Theatre
Nov 27 Daniel CaesarDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Nov 27 King DiamondQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Nov 28 Daniel CaesarDoug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre
Nov 29 Roger HodgsonHard Rock Casino Vancouver
Nov 29 Hilltop HoodsCommodore Ballroom
Nov 30 She Past AwayRickshaw Theatre
Nov 30 IlleniumPNE Forum
Nov 30 The OffspringAbbotsford Centre
Dec 1 DaughtersRickshaw Theatre
Dec 1 Jay and Silent BobThe Rio Theatre
Dec 1 TurnoverThe Vogue Theatre
Dec 2 High On FireRickshaw Theatre
Dec 3 The TenorsQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Dec 4 John CraigieImperial
Dec 5 Danny BhoyRoyal Theatre
Dec 6 The ChainsmokersRogers Arena
Dec 6 Conan GrayThe Vogue Theatre
Dec 7 U Up? LiveThe Vogue Theatre
Dec 7 Danny BhoyChan Centre for Performing Arts
Dec 8 Boney M.The Vogue Theatre
Dec 8 Allah-LasCommodore Ballroom
Dec 8 Danny BhoyBell Performing Arts Centre
Dec 10 Angel OlsenOrpheum Theatre
Dec 13 Magic SwordHollywood Theatre
Dec 13 Andrew SchulzThe Vogue Theatre
Dec 13 Lee Fields & The ExpressionsThe Rio Theatre
Dec 14 Alex CameronHollywood Theatre
Dec 14 Ezra CollectiveThe Fox Cabaret
Dec 15 Static-XRickshaw Theatre
Dec 19 Fruit BatsBiltmore Cabaret
Dec 23 The Pineapple ThiefRickshaw Theatre
Dec 27 - 29 Contact Winter Music FestivalBC Place
Jan 16 King PrincessQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jan 25 Greyson ChanceFortune Sound Club
Jan 25 Leif VollebekkImperial
Feb 1 An Orchestral Rendition of Dr. Dre: 2001Vancouver
Feb 11 Ross The BossRickshaw Theatre
Feb 21 SoulshaThe ACT
Feb 22 SoulshaSurrey Arts Centre
Mar 12 My Dad Wrote A PornoQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Mar 24 Masters Of IllusionQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Mar 25 Masters Of IllusionRoyal Theatre
Apr 10 - 12 Coachella Valley Music and Arts FestivalEmpire Polo Club
Apr 17 Celine DionRogers Arena
Apr 17 Matt CorbyCommodore Ballroom
Apr 17 - 19 Coachella Valley Music and Arts FestivalEmpire Polo Club
Apr 18 Matt CorbyCommodore Ballroom
May 13 Russell HowardThe Vogue Theatre
Jun 6 John PrineQueen Elizabeth Theatre
Jul 9 Ozzy OsbourneRogers Arena
Jul 30 - 20 Rockin River Music FestivalMerrit
Aug 7 - 9 Rock The LakeProspera Place
Sep 9 Home FreeBell Performing Arts Centre
Sep 10 Home FreeKelowna Community Centre
Sep 17 - 20 Rifflandia FestivalVictoria
Jun 8 RainHard Rock Casino Vancouver

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